Jewelry Care Guide

Jewelry Care Guide

About Our Metals, Care & Cleaning

For cleaning, we offer a free cleaning service for our products at ATELIER SHINJI GINZA, Tokyo. To avoid discoloration please avoid wearing your pieces into hot mineral spring water (onsen).

Britannia Silver 958

Our Silver pieces are crafted with high purity silver (Britannia Silver 958). This type of silver retains its bright color, unlike Sterling Silver which tends to tarnish easily.

As with most metals, tarnishing can occur due to environmental pollutants. If pieces have come into contact with pollutants, perspiration or perfume, rinse with cold water and gently pat dry with a tissue before storing them in the provided zip-lock bag. To clean Silver pieces yourself, we recommend using either a cleaning cloth especially for silver, or silver-cleaning liquid, such as Hagarty. When your pieces are not being worn, please store them in the provided ziplock bags to reduce the exposure to the air, thus retaining the clean colour for longer.

23K Gold Vermeil

Our Gold pieces are crafted with a thick coating (approximately 3 microns) of 23K Gold over a base of high purity Britannia Silver 958. 23K Gold Vermeil is a higher quality and more durable plating than industry-standard gold plating. 23K Gold Vermeil does need a little care and attention to keep it looking great. Just like a delicate dress, Gold Vermeil can wear down quicker if it’s worn everyday. Always remove your 23k Gold Vermeil jewelry when applying fragrance, and avoid wearing pieces when bathing. We recommend to keep your 23k Gold Vermeil pieces separate from other jewellery as it can be susceptible to wear. At the end of each day, please store your pieces in the provided ziplock bag.

For cleaning, we recommend using silver-cleaning liquid, such as Hagarty. It is better that this liquid has not been used for silver pieces, but is used solely for gold plated pieces, and it is best to be used sparingly to avoid the gold plating washing off. If possible, please bring your pieces in to us for complimentary cleaning.

In the case of cleaning pieces where both silver and gold are visible, such as Sakura Cherry Blossom, Ume Plum Blossom, Gingko series, or any other “Shinji Classic” collections, you can additionally use a cleaning cloth especially for Silver to gently polish the silver parts.

18K Gold (Yellow, White), Platinum, Palladium, etc.

We are able to make any of our pieces, including custom-made pieces in materials such as 18K (18ct) Gold (Yellow, White), Platinum, Palladium, etc. The materials we use are ethically sourced from suppliers within Japan who conform to international best practice standards.

Unless specifically stated for bi-color purposes, we generally do not plate any of our materials, so the wearer can enjoy the true look of their preferred material. For example, in the case of 18K White Gold, we do not plate pieces with Rhodium. Many other makers do this to give the look of Platinum, however due to common nickel allergies caused by the Rhodium plating process, we recommend leaving the raw metal un-plated. We also love the warm and earthy color of natural 18K White Gold, and customers can rest assured that they have a high quality piece which is safe on the skin.

Gold can lose its luster over time if repeatedly exposed to dust, moisture, perspiration and makeup. When not worn, store gold pieces in soft cloth bags or the original box to protect them from the elements of daily exposure. Tarnishing of 18k jewelry in not common, but possible. Reasons for tarnishing can include perspiration, perfume, hair or deodorant sprays, mineral spring water (onsen), etc. To clean 18K Gold jewelry, use a solution of warm water and detergent-free soap with a soft brush. Always dry and polish gold jewelry with a soft cloth. Generally, the same methods for cleaning Silver can be applied to 18K jewelry. Alternatively, please bring your pieces to Atelier Shinji Ginza for complimentary cleaning and/or maintenance. Keep gold away from chlorine and other harsh chemicals, as repeat exposure can weaken gold’s structure.

Metal Allergies

People with usual metal allergies can wear all of our pieces safely. In the case of a history of allergic reaction to Sterling Silver 925 (92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals – the most common being copper, tin, zinc or nickel), it is most likely to be caused by nickel as manufacturers sometimes mix it in to give silver more strength.

At Atelier Shinji Ginza, we use high purity silver (Britannia Silver 958, which contains less impurities than Sterling Silver) and we don’t use nickel in the mix, nor rhodium plating which usually contains nickel. For this reason, we have many customers from around the world with metal allergies who are wearing our pieces without a problem. There are however, a few people who are allergic to all sorts of metals. These people can get an allergic reaction from holding a Chinese metal wok or from a zipper touching the skin.

Rhodium plating is the main culprit for most skin allergies, because nickel is usually part of the plating process. A lot of big makers put rhodium plating over silver to make the piece stronger and more shiny, but we cherish the pure natural and genuine look of high purity Silver. Rest assured that Atelier Shinji Ginza pieces do not trigger usual skin allergies.